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Volunteering can be a very rewarding experience, and here at The Bridge we value the contribution made by volunteers and are committed to involving them in appropriate positions and in ways that are encouraging, supportive and which develop the volunteer personally.

We offer a range of volunteering opportunities within our Community Hub and Youth Services and welcome volunteers of all abilities and backgrounds.

We can offer guidance and training to volunteers that enables them to develop practical skills and gain qualifications that can support routes into further education and career development.

At The Bridge we recognise our responsibility to arrange volunteering efficiently and sensitively so that the valuable gift of the volunteer's time is best used to the mutual advantage of all concerned.




We have three strands to our volunteering service which includes the following:


  • General Volunteers - Those who wish to volunteer in the Community Hub Café, garden or as admin support.  As well as drivers that collect surplus food from our partnership supermarkets, general maintenance/DIY etc and the opportunity to volunteer support in our youth clubs.  Any volunteering related expenses can be fully reimbursed.

  • Supported Volunteers - Those with any additional learning, physical, mental or emotional needs that require support and supervision whilst volunteering. We work in partnership with Bridgend College and Heronsbridge School to provide volunteering placements for students with ALN.

  • Volunteer Mentors - A suitable, vetted and trained adult (18yrs+) who can provide one-to-one support for a vulnerable young person who may be in need of an appropriate role model to mentor them to meet their own individual targets. All training is provided before mentoring starts and Full support and supervision is given to the mentor during the mentoring relationship.

If you are interested in any of our services please call us on 01656 649378 or click here and complete the form then send it to us at

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