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Leadership Team


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Sarah is our Community hub centre manager and development officer. Sarah has been in post since September 2022. Sarah has a BA Hons in Counselling and Youth Justice and has experience in working with vulnerable children and adults in both local government and the third sector. Sarah is constantly seeking opportunities to support those in need and is committed to making a positive impact to those around her.


Ed is our Finance manager at the Bridge and brings a vast amount of experience formerly working as an operational director and managing contracts from the Welsh government for three established training companies. Ed oversees all of our grant funding and day to day financial operations.


iMarlena is our new Youth Service Manager and is experienced in working with vulnerable children over for the last 10 years. She is passionate about young children and young people and her goal is to develop the youth services within our organisation

Angela started The Bridge in 2002 after volunteering for many years in Parc Prison Her vision was to support the vulnerable people in the community.  Angela has now semi retired but is continuing to train all new volunteer mentors as well as completing voluntary funding application.

New photo Sarah.jpg

Sarah is our Principal Officer who came into post in 2022 after spending a year as the charities’ Development officer. With 12 years’ experience working in the Criminal Justice system with a focus on Substance misuse, Offender Management, and Peer Mentoring she is keen to utilise her Leadership and Management qualifications and guide the charities vision for the future.

Hayley volunteer manager.png

Hayley has recently joined the team as our new Volunteer Manager and will be developing our Volunteer Program across three key areas - Supported Volunteers, Centre Volunteers and Mentor Volunteers

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