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The Bridge Mentoring Plus Scheme was founded in 2002 by three volunteers in response to a need to prevent young people entering the Criminal Justice System. Working closely with the Youth Offending team a small grant enabled the first young people to receive support using trained volunteer mentors at the small, rented premises in Nolton Street, Bridgend.

The vision for The Bridge further developed in 2009 after a move to its current location in Dunraven Place, Bridgend. We had seen an increase in demand for services and support for the wider community and we were given the opportunity to expand in 2012 and take on the ground floor premises. A successful Big Lottery grant provided funds to renovate and refurbish the premises and set up our support services bringing the Community Hub into existence.

The Bridge continues to provides support for the community of Bridgend, striving to relieve the impact of poverty and unemployment and to promote social inclusion and community participation across all areas of our service delivery.

Services Overview

Mission Statement

To break down barriers of social exclusion that prevent people from building bridges to a more positive future

Our charity, The Bridge, has three key areas of service delivery:

  • Community Hub

  • Youth Services

  • Volunteering

Our strategic vision over the coming year is to work with our dedicated Leadership team to develop each individual service are focusing on growth and sustainability withtin the charity for benefit of our community.

We have an exciting future exploring new opportunities to further meet the needs of our community.

NB If you would like to access any of our services then please complete the form by clicking here and forward by email to

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