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Youth Services


At the Bridge, we offer the young people of Bridgend a service that is suitable for all ages between 8-18 years of age.

Our service is based on six key principles of youth work:

  • Youth-led - Young people's voices are central to the provision offered to them.

  • Inclusivity, equality and diversity - Young people feel included in their local area and can access the support they need as they progress towards adulthood.

  • Respect - Young people are a valued and respected part of the community whose needs and wishes are considered equally with those of other groups.

  • Quality, safety and well being - Good quality services are provided by staff with appropriate safeguarding training, linked to a wider network of support.

  • Empowerment -  Services empower young people to progress and engage in employment, education and training and to take an active role in their local communities.

  • Positivity - Services are strengths-based and focus on developing the skill and attributes of young people rather than attempting to "fix a problem".




We have three strands to our youth provision which the incudes the following:


  • Mentoring Program - This is where we recruit and train volunteers to provide mentoring to children and young people aged 8-18 years who may be experiencing adversity or emotional distress.  This gives the young people of Bridgend someone to talk to and the confidence to meet their own individual targets that they may want to achieve that they cannot do on their own.

  • Youth Clubs - We provide youth clubs that are run over different evenings during the week that give young people the chance to socialise, learn new skills and access different opportunities. All sessions are run by our trained youth workers who ensure that the six principles of youth work are followed, make it as interactive and youth-led as possible.

  • Training - We provide general training and volunteering opportunities for children who are classed as at risk of becoming NEET between the ages of 14-18 years. Within our general training we promote volunteering opportunities for young people that aim to increase their employability by providing job skills such as Customer Service, Food Hygiene and Health and Safety training etc.

If you are interested in any of our services please call us on 01656 649378 or click here and complete the form then send it to us at

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