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Community Hub 

Our in-house café is a special kind of establishment.  While many cafes aim to make a profit ours has a different purpose.  We are a non-profit café which means that all our proceeds go directly to our charity -  The Bridge MPS. this means that every time you purchase a cup of coffee or delicious meal from us you are also contributing to helping those in need.

Our case if a place where you can feel good about enjoying your favourite food and drinks knowing you are are also making a positive impact on the community.  Our menu features a variety of lunch options including toasted sandwiches, jacket potatoes and our daily special. /we serve a variety of delicious home-made cakes made by our volunteers and support staff.  We believe that our mission of helping those "Building Bridges to a most positive future" can make a real difference and help those who need it most.

At our café, we are passionate about making a positive impact and creating a space that brings people together,  We welcome everyone to come and enjoy our hospitality, knowing that their support will go towards a great cause.  So, come on in and grab a cup of freshy ground coffee knowing that with each sip you are making a difference in someone's life.

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