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Our aim is to make our website as accessible as we can, for everyone. We continuously improve the accessibility and usability of our site to ensure that no one is left out. In order to achieve this we strive for RNIB See It Right accreditation, which features most of W3Cs AA guidelines and even some AAA standards. To find out more about the See It Right standard, please visit the RNIB’s benefits for visitors page.

Our pages are compatible with a wide range of screen-reading software and can be navigated using only the keyboard: skip links, for example, allow really quick and easy navigation and accessible colour contrasts ensure the screen is easy to read. We have paid particular attention to design and layout to make sure visually impaired users can use the site without any trouble.

Please note that although all internal links will open in the same window, links to other websites may open in a new window and we will try to inform you when this happens.

Downloading PDF files

There is a wealth of tools and guidance for those using access technology to view PDFs at Adobe’s accessibility resource centre, and you can use Adobe’s online PDF conversion tool if you prefer.

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