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Community Hub


The Bridge Community Hub is located in the heart of Bridgend Town Centre.  A place where people can access direct support and informal support services in an inclusive and nurturing environment.  Our purpose is to foster a sense of unity within our community and to provide tools that enable our members to create positive change in themselves and their surroundings.

We offer a range of services to support our community members in achieving their goals. Our hub provides access to dedicated support workers, education and training, well-being support and a community food pantry. Members can develop new skills and gain knowledge necessary to achieve their aims.  We also provide a space where members can connect, network and collaborate with like-minded individuals. This helps to create a supportive community where everyone feels valued and supported.

We are continually developing our services using feedback from our members and external agencies.  We regularly review and adapt our programs to meet the changing needs our our community.  This ensures that we remain relevant, responsive, and helpful.



Service Delivery


The Bridge Community Hub has 3 man areas of service delivery:


  • Enhancing Community Wellbeing - The primary aim of The Bridge Community hub is to support and enhance the wellbeing of its members.  By providing support services such as formal and informal support, signposting, form filling of digital assistance the hub aims to improve the overall mental and physical health of the community. 

  • Reducing Food insecurity - The community food pantry is a crucial part of the hub's service delivery.  The aim is to increase access to healthy and nutritious food for individuals and families experiencing food insecurity.  By reducing food insecurity, the Hub aims to alleviate financial stress and improve the physical health of its members.

  • Fostering Social Connections - The third aim is to foster social connections and build a sense of community.  Structured activities such as workshops, volunteer opportunities and community events encourage members to engage with each other and build new relationships. By promoting social connections, the Hub aims to reduce social isolation and create a supportive an inclusive community.

We are proud of the impact we have had on the community and the success our members have achieved.  Whether you are looking to access support or build new skills our community Hub is the perfect place for you.  Join us today and become part of a thriving community dedicated to promotive positive change - Building Bridges to a more positive future.

If you are interested in any of our services please call us on 01656 649378 or click here and complete the form then send it to us at

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