Thank You Kristian!



Here at The Bridge MPS we pride ourselves on providing positive environments and experiences for all members of our community, regardless of age, gender, ability and sexuality. That’s why when the lovely people at the ELITE Supported Employment Agency contacted us to see if we could help in placing a young autistic person at The Zone as a volunteer, we of course naturally said yes.

ELITE Supported Employment Agency is a specialist charity that works to enable vocational experiences and / or paid employment opportunities for people with disabilities or those at disadvantage of all ages via the appropriate support. It goes without saying that everyone here at The Bridge fully supports and commends the work that Elite do and we are delighted to have had the opportunity to partner with them to provide the opportunity of experience through our own volunteer programme.

Many of you who are regular visitors to The Zone will have no doubt met a wonderful young chap by the name of Kristian. Assisted by his ELITE support worker, Cain, Kristian has been volunteering with us at The Zone for a little over five weeks now. With the help, guidance and support of ELITE, Kristian is currently transitioning from ‘cared for’ to cared, and part of this transition is gaining important practical skills to develop his independence.

During his time with us, Kristian really has risen to the challenge and flourished as a result. He goes out of his way to engage with everyone he encounters at The Zone in a confident, friendly, polite and charming manor, nothing is ever to much trouble for him, and his ability to brighten up everyone’s day really is a credit to him and a massive bonus to all of us here at The Bridge MPS.

Kristians mum recently wrote us a letter and with her permission we’re delighted to be able to share it with you all;

Coity, Bridgend,

29th March 2017

To whom it may concern,

My 21 year old son has been volunteering at The Zone for about 5 weeks, on Tuesdays.

He looks forward to going and it gives him a focal point and purpose for his week. He’s transitioning from ‘being cared for’ to caring and this is an important practical step in developing his independence.

It also gives two parents, who are now retired and full-time carers of two disabled sons, a much needed break.

It is a fantastic, unique resource in Bridgend, reaching out to vulnerable adults.

Well done all, Esther Thompson.

We’ve absolutely loved having Kristian spend time with us and we thrilled with his decision to stay on as a volunteer at The Zone post support from the ELITE team.

We look forward to supporting Kristian further with his future personal development and are proud to call him a member of the team.

You can find more about the fantastic work that ELITE do by visiting their website at