Mentoring at The Bridge

Just like volunteering, mentoring can be a very rewarding experience for those that choose to take on the opportunity and the responsibility. Anyone from the age of 16 who has completed our volunteering course can train to become a mentor at The Bridge MPS. We will provide you with guidance and training which will help you to develop the practical skills and gain the qualifications necessary that can also be used to support routes in to further education and career development. 

If you are interested in becoming a mentor with The Bridge please read through the information detailed below or give us a call on 01656 647 891.

Information for prospective mentors.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a process of providing support and encouragement to other people in order to help and assist them to realise their full potential. Working one-on-one or in small groups, the mentor (you) will work closely with mentees (the individual/s) allowing them to manage their own learning so that they may further develop their personal and academic skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be. 

What do mentors do?

A mentor has four main roles and they are to assist the mettee with: career assistance, emotional help & support, providing social experiences and academic help. To help you better understand what that this means for prospective mentors, we have broken these four roles down in statements from the mentors point of view.

Career assistance.

We can help and support you in your search for work. We can help you get the advice and information that need, as well as helping practically by visiting places with you, so that you have support available if you need it. We will NEVER speak for you UNLESS you want us to and will only say what you tell us to.

Emotional help & support.

No matter what you are felling, we are here to listen. We WILL NOT judge you or tell anyone else what has been said unless it is likely that you may be in danger or your actions will put someone else in danger. We will NEVER tell you what to do, but will ALWAYS try and help you see all sides of the problem and different ways of tackling it. The final decision WILL ALWAYS be yours.

Social experiences.

We can be with you if you wish to join something new and are nervous of that at first. We can take you to places that you may want to visit to see what it’s like. We will find out about activities and places to go and what to do. We will SUPPORT and ENCOURAGE you to try new things but NEVER force you. We can help you meet new friends and try new things.

Academic help.

Mentors can help you if you have difficulty with reading and writing. Learning CAN be fun and will be built around activities that you are interested in. Even when you’re enjoying yourself, you can be learning at the same time. We are NOT teachers, just ordinary people who want to play a part in helping you be the best you can be.

What’s next?

It goes without saying that mentoring, whilst rewarding to all those involved, comes with a great deal of responsibility, and as such requires a person that is ‘suited’ to the task. Part of becoming a mentor with The Bridge MPS requires prospective mentors to undertake a short informal interview with a member of mentoring team and individuals must complete an enhanced CRB check. Don’t let this put you off as the process is designed for us to get to know you better and the type of mentoring you might be suited to.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or would like more information please give us a ring on 01656 647 891 or email

Mentor matching.

If you a parent, carer or a provider of services to young persons and are looking to match your child or the young person with a trained mentor then The Bridge MPS can help.

Once trained, our mentors are eager and willing to get stuck in and provide support and encourage to other young persons. Our mentor matching service means that you child or young person is matched with the right mentor.


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